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The Mystic Self along with the Intriguing Test

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Here's Your Test

Remember, the purpose of this is to give you an indication of your readiness and your ability to realize the Great Mysteries. This test gives you an excellent clue to your mystical development thus far even though no chicken is involved. (Good news, I'm sure.)

In doing this test, you will be graded by your own Mystic Self. It will show you. Let’s begin.

When your mind wanders, do you notice it's wandering? Are you able to bring it back? For example, when you're watching television, listening to a talk, or engaging in conversation, can you notice when your mind is drifting away? Can you then easily bring the flow of your mind back to the program, lecture, or discussion?

Good. This is normal. But the big question is: How do you notice that your mind is wandering? Can you recognize the part of your consciousness which alerts you that your mind is drifting?

a woman watching a sunset

Try it. Try it several times. Find that part of you which views your mind and reveals to you, "My thoughts are drifting away. Come back."

Can you sense this overseeing awareness? This is the test.



Listen to the Conclusion

This special awareness which patiently and benevolently views your mind (and your emotions and actions too) is your Mystic Self. It is also called the Seer or the True Self. It is the Mystic Self which is key to your realization and utter delight in the Mysteries.

So the question is: Can you make occasional contact with your Mystic Self? If so, you are ready to make your journey through Life's Great Mysteries. With practice, you will be able to discern and enter into higher levels of awareness at will.

Month by month, you will awaken your marvelous undiscovered faculties and develop your inner powers for positive change.

If you recognize the presence of your mystic self, you are a potential knower of the Mysteries. You're among the most fortunate of people.

I hope you enjoyed this test and successfully contacted your wonderful mystic self. If you were not successful, be vigilant — you'll discover it soon, I'm sure.


So, here again, it's not what you know but who you know. Life itself asks you this big question many times a day: Have you met your Mystic Self?


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