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He Who Knows

He who knows others
   is learned.
He who knows himself
   is wise.

—Lao Tsu, The Character of Tao (6th Century BC)

Learn What You Are

Learn what you are and be such.

—Pindar, Odes (5th Century BC) Pythia

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Key Points & Contemplation

The Mystic Self along with the Intriguing Test


      Have you noticed how your attention to the Mystic Self has increased your frequency of contacts with it?
      Do you also find it noticeably easier to gather your mind and emotions to enjoy and more fully engage in conversations and relationships in your work and leisure activities?
      All the Mystic Self needs is a little attention. It will do wonders for you.
      Let’s review the main points of this Mystery.







Key Points


Mystics have helped people find greater meaning and happiness in their lives for many centuries.


Mysticism is a way of personal fulfillment to those who learn how to awaken their latent mystical abilities.


All of the Mysteries involve contact with your Mystic Self and your supernormal levels of awareness.


In the view of mystics, the major problem in life for most of us is ignorance of our mystic selves.


In normal day-to-day consciousness we don’t know ourselves very well at all.


It is our ignorance which leads us into much conflict and unfulfillment.


The Mysteries reveal many ways that you can actually contact your Mystic Self and the Infinite Consciousness in which you live.


Do you, can you, contact your Mystic Self?


This test is an excellent indicator of your mystical development thus far.


Try it for several times. Find that part of you which views your mind and reveals to you "My thoughts are wandering away. Come back."


Can you recognize this overseeing awareness?


This special awareness which views your mind (and your emotions and actions too) is your Mystic Self.


If you can contact your Mystic Self you are ready to make your journey through Life’s Great Mysteries. You are among the most fortunate of people.



Now that you can contact your Mystic Self from time to time, and you are beginning to recognize this marvelous part of your consciousness, can you recall your previous contacts with the Mystic Self?

Sit back. Relax. Look back at the important events of your life and see if you can recall a number of special moments when your awareness soared or your heart filled with serenity.

In a pleasant contemplation try to recall your times of distinct connection with the Mystic Self.

Likely you will gradually realize your Mystic Self has been within you — and wanting the very best for you — since you were born.


Are you telling me I can wake up from this dream?


Got a question? Here are answers to questions asked by several of your fellow seekers in the Mysteries.

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