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Do You Know Your Mystic Self?

Contact your Mystic Self and higher levels of awareness.

Ignorance separates us from our magnificent inner resources.

Now you can test your own mystic sensitivity and readiness.

Find the great seer and True Self within you.


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The Mystic Self along with the Intriguing Test


      Congratulations on your interest in life’s great Mysteries.

      Are you aware of your mystical abilities? You’ll find the greatest of all satisfactions in contacting the special knowledge and aptitudes hidden within you.
      It’s almost impossible to think of a humanitarian, philosopher, composer, inventor, scientist, or any other creative person who is not (or was not), to a large degree, a knower of the Mystic Self. All of them seem to transcend normal human consciousness to bring back something beneficial and beautiful for the rest of us.
      This is your Guide
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      Thank you for paying us a visit. Have fun now contacting and getting to know your Mystic Self.

  Who is a Mystic?

A mystic is a person who awakens from — or transcends — normal human consciousness to experience, and interplay with, higher states of awareness. With this knowledge the mystic is empowered to live a richer life and to help create a happier world.

What's Inside This Mystery?

This free Introductory Mystery — The Mystic Self — will show you what the Mysteries are like. Then you can test your own mystical ability if you like.


All of life's great Mysteries involve contact with your Mystic Self and your superconscious levels of awareness.

In the view of mystics, the major problem in life for most of us is ignorance of our true natures, of our mystic selves. In normal day-to-day awareness we don't know ourselves very well at all. It's our ignorance which makes us feel separate from other people, and this feeling, in turn, leads to so much conflict and unfulfillment.

This state of ignorance also separates us from a wealth of inner resources — from peace of mind, creative intelligence, profound wisdom, ever-new joy, universal compassion, and the inner power to change our lives or circumstances. Ignorant of our Mystic Self we live confused and enfeebled. We experience many sorrows.

The Mysteries in this website reveal many ways that you can actually contact your Mystic Self — and the Infinite Consciousness in which you live — to become awakened and personally, joyfully fulfilled.

When you realize the great mystery of your Mystic Self and its nature, you will see the world, yourself, and all other people in a new way. You'll develop a far happier and more enriching experience of life. You'll find effective solutions to your problems and challenges. You'll attract and recognize marvelous opportunities which you previously didn't notice.

Let me ask you a big question

Are you a candidate for the Mysteries? Do you wonder if you could successfully realize life's great mysteries and apply higher levels of consciousness in your own life?

Well, here's the classical test which reveals a person's readiness to contact their Mystic Self and to know — to realize — the great Mysteries. Show me the test.

The Ultimate Gift

The ultimate gift of a conscious life is a sense of the mystery that encompasses it.

—Lewis Mumford, "Orientation to Life," The Conduct of Life (1951)



Listen to the Basis — Story

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The Mystic Test begins with a rather strange but important story.

Two candidates sought to be initiated and guided through the Mysteries by an elderly, truly enlightened master who was known to be a bit eccentric.

The two candidates walked many miles and waited three days before being admitted into the presence of the master.

"You have traveled far and waited three days. That is good," the master said. "Less earnest seekers of the Mystic Self and the Great Mysteries would not have demonstrated such strength of character. They would have given up by now and returned to their homes.

"So," he continued, "you have earned the opportunity to take a test which will demonstrate your worthiness and readiness to receive the great mystic knowledge.

"Do you wish to take this test?" the wise master peered into their eyes.

"Yes," replied the first candidate.

"Yes, please," echoed the second candidate.

"Good," the master smiled. "Each of you will be given a live chicken. Take your chicken to a private place where you are completely alone, where no one can see you, and wring the neck of the chicken. Then come back here to me with your dead chicken."

Most surprised by the nature of the test, but eager to qualify for knowledge of the Mysteries, both candidates cradled a chicken in their arms and left the master's house. 

The first candidate wandered deep into the nearby forest and, in the shadow of a tall tree, dispatched the chicken.

The second candidate went far into another part of the forest where he thought he was completely alone. But, as he began to wring the chicken's neck, he suddenly sensed he was not alone. He looked around yet saw no one.

"I'll try again tonight, after dark," he thought as he walked back to his rented room with his chicken and waited.

When night fell, he took the chicken and stepped into his closet where he was sure no one could see. But, once again, just as he was about to kill the chicken, he sensed someone's presence. He felt he was being watched.

Desperate to pass the test and receive training in the Mysteries, he waited until the heavy darkness of midnight to try again. He took his chicken to the outskirts of town and slowly felt his way down to the bottom of an old mine shaft.

There, in total darkness, far from the townspeople, he once again grasped the neck of the chicken. Again he had to stop.

"I can't do this!" he cried. "I know someone is watching me, even here."

Realizing that he failed the test and would not be admitted into the Great Mysteries, he returned to the old master's house to say goodbye.

"I have failed, revered master," he said. "Wherever I went, I found I was not alone and that someone was always watching me. I went deep into the forest, into my closet at night, and even down an old mine shaft in the dead of night. Each time I tried to do what you asked, but I know for certain that I was not alone and that someone was watching me."

"You have passed the test, my young candidate," the master smiled. "You have found your Mystic Self. It is your Higher Self which is always with you and always watches you with its benevolent gaze. You have the ability to sense your Mystic Self. I accept you as a candidate for these Great Mysteries, my son."

The master embraced the stunned candidate. "I'm afraid your fellow candidate failed the test. He actually killed the poor chicken. He has no sensitivity to his Mystic Self. He has gone away. Perhaps at some later time he will be ready."

That's the story. Now the question for you is:  Do you, can you, contact your Mystic Self?

Are you ready for your Test?



Listen to the Technique

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Here's Your Test

Remember, the purpose of this is to give you an indication of your readiness and your ability to realize the Great Mysteries. This test gives you an excellent clue to your mystical development thus far even though no chicken is involved. (Good news, I'm sure.)

In doing this test, you will be graded by your own Mystic Self. It will show you. Let’s begin.


Discover your mystic self, GrahamWhen your mind wanders, do you notice it's wandering? Are you able to bring it back? For example, when you're watching television, listening to a talk, or engaging in conversation, can you notice when your mind is drifting away? Can you then easily bring the flow of your mind back to the program, lecture, or discussion?

Good. This is normal. But the big question is: How do you notice that your mind is wandering? Can you recognize the part of your consciousness which alerts you that your mind is drifting?

Try it. Try it several times. Find that part of you which views your mind and reveals to you, "My thoughts are drifting away. Come back."

Can you sense this overseeing awareness? This is the test.


Listen to the Conclusion

This special awareness which patiently and benevolently views your mind (and your emotions and actions too) is your Mystic Self. It is also called the Seer or the True Self. It is the Mystic Self which is key to your realization and utter delight in the Mysteries.

So the question is: Can you make occasional contact with your Mystic Self? If so, you are ready to make your journey through Life's Great Mysteries. With practice, you will be able to discern and enter into higher levels of awareness at will.

Month by month, you will awaken your marvelous undiscovered faculties and develop your inner powers for positive change.

If you recognize the presence of your mystic self, you are a potential knower of the Mysteries. You're among the most fortunate of people.

I hope you enjoyed this test and successfully contacted your wonderful mystic self. If you were not successful, be vigilant — you'll discover it soon, I'm sure.


So, here again, it's not what you know but who you know. Life itself asks you this big question many times a day: Have you met your Mystic Self?

 Key Points 


      Have you noticed how your attention to the Mystic Self has increased your frequency of contacts with it?
      Do you also find it noticeably easier to gather your mind and emotions to enjoy and more fully engage in conversations and relationships in your work and leisure activities?
      All the Mystic Self needs is a little attention. It will do wonders for you.
      Let’s review the main points of this Mystery.


He Who Knows

He who knows others
   is learned.
He who knows himself
   is wise.

—Lao Tsu, The Character of Tao (6th Century BC)

Learn What You Are

Learn what you are and be such.

—Pindar, Odes (5th Century BC) Pythia

Key Points


Mysticism is a way of personal fulfillment to those who learn how to awaken their latent mystical abilities.


All of the Mysteries involve contact with your Mystic Self and your supernormal levels of awareness.


In the view of mystics, the major problem in life for most of us is ignorance of our mystic selves.


In normal day-to-day consciousness we don’t know ourselves very well at all.


It is our ignorance which leads us into much conflict and unfulfillment.


The Mysteries reveal many ways that you can actually contact your Mystic Self and the Infinite Consciousness in which you live.


Do you, can you, contact your Mystic Self?


This test is an excellent indicator of your mystical development thus far.


Try it for several times. Find that part of you which views your mind and reveals to you "My thoughts are wandering away. Come back."


Can you recognize this overseeing awareness?


This special awareness which views your mind (and your emotions and actions too) is your Mystic Self.


If you can contact your Mystic Self you are ready to make your journey through Life’s Great Mysteries. You are among the most fortunate of people.


Now that you can contact your Mystic Self from time to time, and you are beginning to recognize this marvelous part of your consciousness, can you recall your previous contacts with the Mystic Self?

Sit back. Relax. Look back at the important events of your life and see if you can recall a number of special moments when your awareness soared or your heart filled with serenity.

In a pleasant contemplation try to recall your times of distinct connection with the Mystic Self.

Likely you will gradually realize your Mystic Self has been within you — and wanting the very best for you — since you were born.


Are you telling me I can wake up from this dream?


Does the Mystic Self care about my day-to-day affairs?

Very much so, as you will discover.

Why doesn't my Mystic Self do "something?" It just seems to like to watch.

Yes, at first the Mystic Self seems only to be watching. Gradually, you will find the Mystic Self actually sustains your heartbeat, breath, cell growth, mental health, emotional functioning, etc. — it maintains your very life.

I notice that I wander off but I can't figure out what brings me back. I'm afraid I might have "killed the chicken." Is there hope for me?

Based on our story, most people live in normal consciousness and "kill a chicken or two" every day — that is, they are oblivious of their Mystic Self and its abilities. But, of course, there's hope for everyone who awakens mystically. You can too.

You say that the Mystic Self wants the very best for me. Why, then, do I suffer from addictions and anger? How can I receive the help that you say it wants to offer me?

Practice the Mysteries! Get to know your Mystic Self and its loving, transformational power.

It seems that this Mystic Self of mine doesn't use words. It's more like a nudge in the right direction, which I then convert into words like "be alert," "don't trust him," or "good idea." Am I on the right track?

What a good question. You are already beginning to know your Mystic Self quite well. You're right, the Mystic Self doesn't communicate in words but in direct perceptions and profound insights which prove to be true in your daily life. But do be careful of your interpretations of the Mystic Self's revelations. At times you might misunderstand what your Mystic Self shows you.

But, bearing this caution in mind, you certainly are proceeding on the right track.

Thank you for your astute questions. As you contact your Mystic Self you will find your understanding and enjoyment of life increases noticeably.

Wishing You Every Happiness, Graham L.

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