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Do You Know Your Mystic Self?

Contact your Mystic Self and higher levels of awareness.

Ignorance separates us from our magnificent inner resources.

Now you can test your own mystic sensitivity and readiness.

Find the great seer and True Self within you.

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The Mystic Self along with the Intriguing Test


      Congratulations on your interest in life’s great Mysteries.

      Are you aware of your mystical abilities? You’ll find the greatest of all satisfactions in contacting the special knowledge and aptitudes hidden within you.
      It’s almost impossible to think of a humanitarian, philosopher, composer, inventor, scientist, or any other creative person who is not (or was not), to a large degree, a knower of the Mystic Self. All of them seem to transcend normal human consciousness to bring back something beneficial and beautiful for the rest of us.
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      Thank you for paying us a visit. Have fun now contacting and getting to know your Mystic Self.

All of life's great Mysteries involve contact with your Mystic Self and your superconscious levels of awareness.

In the view of mystics, the major problem in life for most of us is ignorance of our true natures, of our mystic selves. In normal day-to-day awareness we don't know ourselves very well at all. It's our ignorance which makes us feel separate from other people, and this feeling, in turn, leads to so much conflict and unfulfillment.

a park benchThis state of ignorance also separates us from a wealth of inner resources — from peace of mind, creative intelligence, profound wisdom, ever-new joy, universal compassion, and the inner power to change our lives or circumstances. Ignorant of our Mystic Self we live confused and enfeebled. We experience many sorrows.

The Mysteries in this website reveal many ways that you can actually contact your Mystic Self — and the Infinite Consciousness in which you live — to become awakened and personally, joyfully fulfilled.

When you realize the great mystery of your Mystic Self and its nature, you will see the world, yourself, and all other people in a new way. You'll develop a far happier and more enriching experience of life. You'll find effective solutions to your problems and challenges. You'll attract and recognize marvelous opportunities which you previously didn't notice.


The Ultimate Gift

The ultimate gift of a conscious life is a sense of the mystery that encompasses it.

—Lewis Mumford, "Orientation to Life," The Conduct of Life (1951)


Let me ask you a big question

Are you a candidate for the Mysteries? Do you wonder if you could successfully realize life's great mysteries and apply higher levels of consciousness in your own life?

Well, here's the classical test which reveals a person's readiness to contact their Mystic Self and to know — to realize — the great Mysteries.

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