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Aren't The Mysteries Supposed To Be Kept Secret?

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If Mysteries.Net teachings are true mystical teachings, aren't they supposed to be kept secret from all except the few candidates who have been tested and proven worthy?

Both Western and Eastern mystical schools now make several of their revered teachings available. It's true that some mystical practices can be used by unscrupulous people to take unfair advantage of others — or even cause harm to themselves — but such practices are not mentioned here. Those practices are not the main teachings of mysticism anyway.

I'm very honored to have studied with several mystical organizations and I want to assure my brother and sister mystics that I am observing the agreements of confidentiality I've made. In some rare instances, one mystical tradition openly shares a technique which a different tradition presently keeps secret; in these cases I share a technique which is already publicly available.

The mystics' "closed mouth" policy truly preserved mysticism through thousands of years. Over the centuries these truths and techniques were conveyed only to sincere candidates of excellent character who were tested and found worthy of initiation into the Mysteries. Observance of the "closed mouth" was extremely necessary in many periods of history. Political and religious tyrants have often tortured and killed seekers of God and soul. (Consider Europe's Dark Ages, for example.)

Both Western and Eastern mystical traditions are deeply dedicated to service of the Infinite and humankind. The Eastern tradition was changed forever by the great mystics of the nineteenth century who foresaw the colossal technological advancements of the twentieth century — including the possibilities of global nuclear devastation. They sent great mystics to the West — and around the world — to share broadly the science of Spirit, the Mysteries. Devoted Western mystics, for similar reasons of love and compassion, have made some of their mystical teachings widely available through books, lectures, and invitations to study.


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