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How Do You Become A Mystic?

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How can you become a mystic? Mainly, seek to recognize and realize the Infinite Spirit. This Source of life is within you and around you. It dwells deep inside everyone you know. Spirit is the essence of life force in all nature. Spirit is the power and cause of creation.

You become a mystic by searching for Truth: the Reality, Cause, and Source of Life. You seek to know your soul, your True Self, your own spiritual essence. It's quite an adventure. You'll move from a habitual belief in the world of matter to a realization that everything is Spirit.

Moving along the path of the mystic you will be changed. As you realize your spiritual connection with others, you'll know and love them more than you thought possible. Spiritual insight will delight your days but it will also show you what must be improved or released within you in order for you to continue your mystical awakening. You will know ecstasy, but you will also know penetrating self-honesty. In time, you will see mystical light gloriously shining on everything in the world and in your heart.

In becoming a mystic, you will for the most part have more satisfactions and delights than you expected from life. And you will realize fulfillment of your deepest yearnings. There is a great drive, built within you, an unrelenting pressure to know your own spiritual self, and to see life mystically.


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