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What Are The Mysteries?

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These Mysteries are based on the cream of Eastern and Western mystical teachings:


Christian Mysticism and Metaphysics


Judaism and the Kabbala


Buddhism and Zen


Islam and Sufism


Hinduism and Yoga


American Indian Mysticism


Metaphysical systems from East and West

They are organized to encourage your progressive revelations and awakenings. Each Mystery includes at least six elements:




Basis / Principle


Technique / Method


Key Points and Contemplation


Questions and Answers


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Mysteries cannot be spoken or communicated adequately. Necessarily they must be discerned and experienced spiritually — at a level of awareness beyond the power of words and normal thinking. I can tell you about the Mysteries for a thousand years and describe methods for realizing each Mystery, but you'll need to actually practice each method and experience each Mystery personally with your spiritual faculties. The Mysteries are eternal secrets and no mouth can adequately convey them. They can be known but not spoken.


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