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Find Your Higher Consciousness Online

An oasis for anyone thirsting to understand life at a deeper level.

SB, Coordinator
Irvine, CA

How wonderful to see these universal truths being shared with the world in such a clear and loving manner. May many lives be touched by your light.

KF, Teacher
Sacramento, CA


I'm pleased to say that these spiritual techniques are some of the greatest treasures of my life.

MTA, Desktop Pub.
Avignon, France

A global gem... a magnificent contribution transcending cultural and national borders. A precious gift to all of us...We should grab and run with it.

ES, Professor
Los Angeles, CA

The Mysteries site is an inspiration to my life.

LW, Designer
Burbank, CA

I have discovered that the simple techniques, once applied, can alter your perspective forever. I've found a great connectedness with others and with nature. 

JF, Cert. Inspector
Mooreland, OK

Franscisco Valdavinos

"It's obvious that Mr. Ledgerwood's rare knowledge comes from a profound mystical life."

FV, Store Mgr.
Sahuayo, Mexico




I've been looking for this kind of information all of my life. The Mysteries are well explained and the techniques are extremely helpful. I'm a subscriber.

CT, Marketing Dir.
Irvine, CA

These wonderful teachings are a great blessing to literally millions of seekers worldwide and speak to seekers of every path and faith.

SP, Plant Operator
Flagstaff, Arizona

Through the Mysteries I have been able to open my mind to God and Christianity with great energy.

DJB, Trainer
New Britain, CT


I've known Graham Ledgerwood since 1972. His teachings and techniques continue to inspire and transform me. I recommend this site to any sincere spiritual seeker of Higher Consciousness.

TM, Export Manager
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

The twelve Mysteries created a firm foundation for my experience of higher consciousness. And, it just keeps growing!

MB, Publishing VP
Newport Beach, CA

This Fellowship is truly interested in guiding you on a path to make the world a better place.

MB, Technician
Dallas, TX




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