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If you wish to support our work, your contributions would be most welcome and helpful. Please check with your accountant regarding any contributions you wish to make and please also note that although contributions are tax-deductible, the subscription fee for the Mysteries is not.

The Mystic World Fellowship is a non-profit foundation providing a worldwide spiritual and humanitarian service. Contributions given in the US and many countries around the world are deductible from your income tax.

You are welcome to mail your contribution to:

Mystic World Fellowship
P.O. Box 100
Palomar Mountain, CA 92060

For contributions of $40 or more you'll receive our Mystery Fellowship™ double audio cassette "You Can Choose Your State of Mind" by Graham V. Ledgerwood.

Mystics know the universal law of prosperity and abundance. They happily and generously support those organizations which serve the well being of humanity.


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