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Breakthrough Experiences

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Here are some breakthrough experiences which you may enjoy as you steadily apply the Mysteries week by week and month by month:

1  Spiritual Activity

You become aware of life force or bliss actively moving in your head, chest or spine. These energies indicate you are becoming mystically aware, that you are awakening.

2  Peace

Your mind is filled with peace. It becomes serene and free of worries. The peace flows through your emotions and entire body.

3  Mystic Light

You begin to see pastel light (or even bright light) glowing in your forehead. Also, you may begin to see light shining from people, animals and plants.

4  Mystic Sounds

You start hearing heavenly tones, sounds similar to those of trumpets, harps, bells, babbling brooks, flutes and ocean waves. These sublime sounds resonate within your mind, sweeter and more beautiful than symphonies. These sounds are marvelously soothing and so revivifying.

sunset over the ocean5  Expansions

Expansions of your heart energy and of your total awareness reveal that your consciousness is unlimited by time or space.

6  Contacts With Your True Self

You make contacts with — or gain realizations of — the True Self which benevolently presides at the core of your consciousness.

7  The Presence

You become aware of the wondrous presence of the Infinite Spirit.

8  Revelations

Glorious visions and inspiring insights fill your awareness and help you make significant changes in your life.

9  Transformations

You and your life are changed in constructive, thrilling ways. Especially, your character flaws are transformed.

10  Realizations

You further awaken to discover that Infinite Spirit, the Universal Primary Substance, pervades all people and things.

11  Mystical Love and Joy

You awaken to new dimensions of mystical love and joy. You will likely discover that you didn’t know what love or joy truly were until you had this breakthrough.

12  Mystical Awareness of Others & the World

You suddenly behold other people and the entire universe in their mystic essence, nature and beauty.

13  Interplay Experiences

You begin to enjoy your life as continuous relationship and interplay both with Spirit in others and with Spirit directly. Furthermore, in addition to these wonders, you will have magnificent breakthroughs which belong to you alone, breakthroughs which will happen to no other person on earth. You will smile the unique smile which comes from your soul. Only you will know your precious secrets.

Years from now you will be able to recall each of your key breakthroughs with tears of wonder and gratitude.

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